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About Us

About Us

SGBC.CO was formed in 2005 by a group of marine Ch./engineers, electrical officers & professional technical crews to perform the engineering services on all types of offshore vessel & construction barges. A fully qualified professional with operations, trouble shooting and maintenance of main diesel engines, reduction gears, transmissions, steering, water/gas tube oil fired boilers, all auxiliary diesel engines cranes both pedestal and crawler, anchor winches , air compressors , pumps, purifiers, HVAC and refrigeration systems, water markers vacuum & osmosis types , pumping , ballasting and trimming of vessels, control systems , ventilation/exhaust systems , supervision of engineering and electrical crews, hydraulics, flow pump and ballast tank analysis, welding steel work , piping, air tuggers and hydrostatic testing.



Our mission at SGBC is to deliver projects on-time and with high quality standards, thereby continuously building on our reputation and respecting our values. We are committed to the production of safe, qualitative services in a professionally competitive and standardized manner, that will serve as an indispensable source for our client’s competitive advantage.



The Company’s vision is to be the leader in the engineering, construction and refurbishment of marine structures & related packages in our areas of operation

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